In our learning community, everything is a chance to learn more!

Because of this, students are always welcome to make corrections to any graded classroom assignment with a D or below. Students do not need to ask permission to submit corrections.

To submit corrections, please follow these guidelines:

  • Submit the original assignment.
  • Use separate sheets to write corrections on and staple it to the original assignment.
  • Clearly indicate which problem or question is being corrected.
  • Provide a corrected answer along with any appropriate work.
  • Write a brief explanation of why the answer is correct and how the student determined this answer is correct. Explanations should be written at a fourth-grade level. Answers such as “I recalculated the problem” or “I fixed the error” or “I added/subtracted/multiplied/divided this way” or “I did it in my head” are not accepted. For an explanation to be valid, students must demonstrate they have learned what their error is and how to prevent it next time.
  • Be sure the student’s name is on every sheet in case it gets separated.

Corrections that do not include quality written explanations will not be accepted.

The amount of points earned back will be reflected based on the effort made on the corrections.

Please note that, in general, corrections should be handed in within five school days of the assignment being returned except near the end of the marking period when the deadline may be shortened or eliminated. Announcements will be made in class if this is the case with a certain assignment.