Grading Guidelines

Please note these guidelines only apply to accelerated math (4C Math) students.

Our classroom uses the following grading scale:

  • A: 90-100
  • B: 80-89
  • C: 70-79
  • D: 65-69
  • DNM (Does Not Meet): 0-64

Please note that there is no realtime grade book available in Google Classroom, ParentVue or StudentVue. While these sites may have grades listed, there may be assignments and class participation scores not reflected in here and the grades posted here are subject to revision.

Calculating a percentage

Most grades are given as X points earned out of Y points possible.

This is typically written something like this:

To calculate this as a percentage, divide the top number by the bottom number and multiply by 100. This is the percentage score you earned. You can also use this tool to help calculate your score.


Learn about the correction policy.

Grading errors

While every effort is made to accurately grade each assignment, there is always the possibility an error.

  • Students should take the initiative to check all graded work.
  • Students and guardians are always encouraged to double check the accuracy of grades on returned assignments.
  • In the event an error is found, the student or guardian is welcome to bring it to the attention of the teacher and return the assignment, with a description of the error, for regrading.
  • If the error is verified, the teacher will update the student’s grade in the official record to reflect the revised score.
  • If the grading error is “in the student’s favor,” the student will not be penalized for the grading error, though the teacher still appreciates such errors being called to his attention.
  • Please note that all grading guidelines are subject to change and decisions may be made on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the teacher.